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Dataq DI-730 Series Data Acquisition Systems

Features 1000V input-to-input and channel-to-channel Isolation
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Produktnummer: DI-730

The DI-730 Series is a family of instruments that offers 14-bit, 150kHz waveform recording capability. They communicate through your PC's parallel port in EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode. Other optional communication interfaces include USB and Ethernet.

Use the DI-730 for wide dynamic range measurements, especially those involving AC or DC electric motors. Examples include paper, aluminum, and steel mills, high speed trains, and rail and sea-going locomotion. The high sample rate, exceptional isolation, and CMR characteristics of the DI-730 make it very well suited for the maintenance and troubleshooting of DC drive systems. Other applications include motor/generator RPM measurements, supply voltage and current measurements, and field current measurements from drive-roll, braking, and take-up motors.

Synchronous and Distributed Data Acquisition
Measurement range of ±10mV to ±1000VDC (or peak AC) over six ranges
1000V input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolation
Perfect for troubleshooting AC or DC motor drive systems. Measure field voltages and currents, control signals, RPM, and more. (Click here to learn more)
Also for electric motor/generator maintenance and troubleshooting in mills and locomotion
DI-730s easily replace bulky chart recorders
Replace entire racks of isolation amps, high & low voltage amps, and data acquisition subsystems with one, portable, lightweight, 9 × 7 × 1½ inch instrument
14-bit resolution
Printer Port interface is standard, USB or Ethernet interfaces are optional
Ethernet Option supports synchronous and distributed data acquisition up to 100 meters apart. For greater distances between units, use the DI-789 Repeater Switch.