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Dataq DI-722 Series Data Acquisition Instruments

Features 32 Extended Measurement Range Channels (±20V)
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Produktnummer: DI-722

DI-722 Series data acquisition instruments are designed for applications that require an extended measurement range and input protection. Very similar to DI-720 Series general purpose instruments, the DI-722 Series expands the DI-720's measurement range to ±2.5, ±5, ±10, and ±20 volts full scale with an additional level of input protection. What's more, the DI-722 Series offers the added flexibility of customer-specified measurement ranges. These enhancements allow the DI-722 Series to make otherwise difficult measurements such as in-vehicle testing or any other measurement application where a 10 volt full scale range is inadequate. Moreover, the DI-722 Series features full differential measurement capability. These channels will tolerate up to 120V RMS normal and common mode voltages without damage. Extend the measurement range of the DI-722-32 using a DI-75B or DI-78B signal conditioning module backpack (contact DATAQ Instruments for information).

DI-722 Series instruments offer 16-bit, 50kHz waveform recording capability. They communicate through your PC's parallel port in EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode. Other optional communication interfaces include USB and Ethernet.

Synchronous and Distributed Data Acquisition
±2.5V To ±20V Full Scale Measurement Range Per Channel. Custom Measurement Ranges Also Available
Input Protection to 120V RMS Per Channel
Full Differential Measurement Capability
Printer Port Interface is Standard, USB or Ethernet Interfaces Are Optional
16-Bit Resolution
Ethernet Option supports synchronous and distributed data acquisition up to 100 meters apart. For greater distances between units, use the DI-789 Repeater Switch