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Dataq DI-718B Data Logger System for DI-8B Modules

DI-718B Data Logger products operate Stand-alone or PC-connected
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Produktnummer: DI-718B

The DI-718B is an eight-channel, DI-8B module data logger system. Each DI-718B accepts up to eight high-performance, plug-in (DI-8B) signal conditioning modules to include virtually any isolated, industrial-type signal. Because DI-8B modules are identical in pinout and size, they can be mixed or matched in any combination. Choose from thermocouple, true rms, voltage, strain, frequency, process current, RTD, potentiometric, or DC transducer—whatever suits your application. A eraseable sticker on the top of the instrument allows easy identification of all installed DI-8B modules.

DI-718B Series options include interface type and PC-connected or stand-alone data logger operation. Interface options are USB or Ethernet. Instruments with the stand-alone data logger option feature a built-in multimedia socket that accepts standard Secure Digital (SD) memories to which acquired data may be stored without a connected PC. SD memories are the same commonly available mass storage devices used with digital cameras and MP3 players. Memories ranging in size from 16MB to 2GB are supported. Instruments without this option must remain tethered to a PC’s USB or Ethernet port during data acquisition and use the PC’s own program and memory to store acquired data.

Measures temperature, pressure, flow, current, voltage, and more using isolated 8B amplifiers.
Low-Cost, Portable, USB or Ethernet Data Logger. This product is similar to the DI-710 Series but with Signal Conditioned inputs.
Eight DI-8B signal-conditioned analog inputs. For a 16 channel version see the DI-718Bx Series.
Stand-alone data logger option allows in-the-field measurements to be saved to Secure Digital Cards (SD).
14-bit analog to digital conversion.
Includes WinDaq Software.
Record from as low as 0.0017 Hz to as much as 8,000 Hz (assumes SD speeds of 133x or higher) with Stand-alone models or from 0.0034 Hz up to 4,800 Hz with PC-connected instruments (WinDaq/HS required to achieve recording rates over 1,108 Hz with PC-connected instruments).
Wide variety of measurement functions and ranges based on DI-8B module selections. Mix and match modules as needed.