DTS EVSemEA Range, Fluorescent fitting self test emergency function, EEx e, 18/36W


EVS-E family design
3 hour-plus battery duration
Preventive maintenance and improved management to reduce costs
Preventive maintenance: system tests automatically as follows:
• Battery charge – daily
• Emergency lamp – weekly
• Battery charge capacity – quarterly
• Clear system test display (2 LEDs)
‘Intelligent’ management of battery charge and periodic discharge enhances
battery duration
Twin tube electronic ballast: if one tube fails, the other continues to operate
Integral ‘blackstart’ capability

Grey fibreglass reinforced polyester body with polycarbonate diffuser
Gear tray with G13 lampholder (bi-pin) or Fa6 (single pin)
Power supply: standard 220 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz (120V optional)
Two M20 polyamide cable glands
One M20 polyamide plug
Set of 2 fixing brackets