DEMO London Electronics Model PICA-P Input Range for DC Process signals

NOK 1 000,- (eks. mva.)

Low cost and small size Pica-P-R-AC
Produktnummer: 720008

The PICA family offers you simplicity, flexibility and reliability for many general purpose process measurements.

The PICA-P is ideal for process monitoring, because it accepts 4-20mA, 0-10V and 1-5V DC process singals. You can scale your meter two ways. You can either type-in expected signal levels and desired readings (theoretical calibration) or you can apply signals to the meter from the system, and adjust the meter to read the desired values.

The PICA-E is mainly used to monitor power voltage and current.

The PICA-T will accept the most common temperature sensors.

Low cost
Small size
Universal AC or DC power
Wide range of measurements
Programme-lock function, for security
Plug-in connectors for quick servicing
Digital scaling for precision and stability
Long warranty, extendable free of charge
Fast, free technical support
High immunity to interference