DEMO London Electronics EasyReader Model ER2C Large display pulse input counter & frequency meter

NOK 2 000,- (eks. mva.)

Easy-Reader series of large rate, frequency, speed displays ER2C-3-AC-RED-N-IP54
Produktnummer: 720016

The Easy Reader series of large displays are our most economical range.

They are attractively styled and particularly easy to use.

Wall or suspension mounting hardware is available.

Dustproof enclosures suit general industrial environments.

All settings, including the count, are stored in 10 year memory.

Input connections Single channel input and 24V Excitation
Suits direct connection, 2 wire active or passive loop and 3 wire sensors.
Debounce filter available for contact closure input.
Input Signals Input signal type selected by push-on jumpers...
NPN Sensors
PNP Sensor
Contact closure
Quadrature encoder
Frequency response:- from 0 to 50 000 Hz
Excitation 24V DC up to 60mA
Digits 4 digits available, with selectable decimal point position
Digit Sizes:
57mm high. Legible up to 25 metres away.
102mm high. Legible up to 50 metres away.
Digit colour Red or green
Scaling Front panel pushbuttons, with user-friendly menu-free system. Simply tell the display what it show for a given number of input pulses, and it will calculate its own scale factor.
Filtering Debounce filtering is switch selectable, limits input to 25Hz max.
Last digit Round-up Not available on this model
User linearisation Not available on this model
Front panel controls 4 pushbuttons. Can be locked to prevent unautorised access.
Power options 11-30VDC or 95-265 VAC
Accuracy +/-0.1% of range
Analogue output Not available on this model
Alarm output Not available on this model
Serial data output Not available on this model
Logic inputs Reset and lockout.
Connectors Internal detachable screw terminals. Cables come out of enclosure through compression glands.
All-round sealing IP54 / IP65 opt.
Working Temperature 0 to 50 degrees C
Working humidity 5 to 95% rh, non condensing