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Chroma Guardian 1010 AC Hipot Tester

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Voltage range from 50VAC to 5kVAC with a resolution of 1V. Maximum total output current is 30mA.
Produktnummer: Guardian 1010 AC Hipot Tester

The Guardian 1010 AC Hipot Tester performs AC dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. The test voltage can be programmed in the range from 50VAC to 5kVAC with a resolution of 1V. The maximum total output current is 30mA. Quick Discharge:In both the DC hipot and IR tests the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge. Ground Continuity Check: All of the Guardian 1000 Series units have a ground continuity check feature to determine that the resistance, between the ground blade of the power cord and any exposed metal on the product, is less than 1 ohm.

AC Hipot Voltage 50 to 5000VAC, Output Current to 30mA
DC Hipot Voltage 50 to 6000VDC, Output Current to 10mA
IR Measurements from 100kΩ to 50GΩ, Voltage: 50 to 1000VDC
Built-In 8 Channel Scanner for Multi-Point Testing (1030S)
Measure Real and Total Current
Programmable Hi/Lo Limits for Pass/Fail Testing
Ground Continuity Check with High Limit of 1 Ohm
Ability to Perform Multiple Tests in Sequence
Large LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
Internal Storage and Recall of 99 Test Setups
Programmable Ramp and Test Times
Front Panel Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
Automatic Offset to Zero Out Residual Current
Fast Cutoff and Quick Discharge of Device Under Test
RS-232 and I/O Interfaces Included Standard
IEEE-488 and Printer Interfaces Optional
Built-In Operator Prompted Software Calibration Routine