Chroma 63200 series High Power DC Electronic Load, 2.6kW,5.2kW,6.5kW,10kW,10.4kW,14.5kW,15.6kW

63201 - 63212
Produktnummer: 63200

Chroma's 63200 series of programmable electronic loads are designed for a wide variety of dc power conversion products including; DC power sources, battery chargers, server power supplies, dc-dc converters, batteries and many others. The high power rating, parallel and synchronization capabilities, and the ability to provide up to 2.7 times of rated power for short duty cycle loading make 63200 series especially well-suited for high power applications such as switch-mode rectifiers and for discharging batteries packs and fuel cells.

The 63200 series offers 12 different models with power ranges from 2600 watts to 15600 watts, currents from 50A to 1000A and operating voltages from 0 to 1000V. By paralleling modules very large systems can be assembled existing 93.6kW. Four operating modes provide different load simulation methods designed for various applications. The CC/CR modes are designed to test constant voltage power supplies and converters. CV mode simulates the battery for testing battery chargers and current sources, and CP mode is ideal for battery testing by simulating real discharge profiles.

The 63200 series can sink rated current down to 1VDC even under the highest specified rise time. This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance for low voltage/high current applications. With it's unique external waveform simulation and Master / Slave control capability, the 63200 series electronic loads allow users to parallel and synchronize more than one load together using an internal or external loading control signal. This feature provides unlimited load simulation and increased power.

Power Rating: 2.6kW, 5.2kW, 6.5kW, 10kW, 10.4kW,14.5kW, 15.6kW
Voltage range: 0~80V/0~600V/0~1000V
Current range: Up to 1000A
CC, CR, CV, CP load modes
Master/Slave paralleling control mode, allow synchronous load control under static and dynamic loading mode (Up to 93.6kW)
Dynamic loading: Up to 20kHz
Only need 1V to draw rated current
Programmable slew rate, up to 41A/μs
Measurement: Voltage / Current / Power/Resistance
Large LED/LCD display
External loading waveform simulation
Short circuit simulation and short circuit current measurement
Full protection: OC, OP, OT protection and OV, reverse alarm
Versatile remote controller
GPIB & RS-232 interfaces
Surge load capability
Battery discharge timer