Chroma 62000D DC Powersupply

Programmable bidirectional DC power supplies, source and load
Chroma's 62000D has a bidirectional switch-mode power supply design that offers two-quadrant operation with positive current/positive voltage as well as negative current/positive voltage, enabling both DC power supply output and regenerative DC load. The absorbed energy feeds back to the grid with a conversion efficiency up to 93% and can operate in constant voltage, constant current, and constant power modes. Compared to traditional power supply and load, the 62000D two-in-one bidirectional DC power supply saves space, reduces energy loss and heat dissipation, and is easier to wire and configure.
Produktnummer: 62000D

Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies provide both power source and load characteristics. These two quadrant power supplies allow power from the DUT to be converted back to the utility grid and so are ideal for testing renewable energy power systems such as PV, storage, and EV inverters as well as a wide range of bidirectional power conditioning system (PCS) and may also be used as a battery simulator. 62000D has applications in testing power components in electric vehicles as well as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters, and DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests of Li-ion batteries in both charge and discharge directions.

Voltage rating 0~100V/600V/1200V/1800V
Current rating 0~540A
Power rating 6kW/12kW/18kW
Two-quadrant operation source and load functions
High power density 18kW in 3U (H: 13,3 cm)
Easy master/slave parallel & series operation up to 180kW
Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
Auto sequencing programming
Voltage & current slew rate control
High speed transient response <1.5ms
Low output noise and ripple
Intuitive and user-friendly touch control screen
Standard USB/LAN/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces
3-phase 4-wire universal AC power: 200~480 Vac