Chroma 61860 Regenerative Grid Simulator 60kVA

Produktnummer: 61860

The 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulator is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power supply designed for common electrical product testing such as home appliances, and industrial electronics needing a programmable input source. In additional, the 61800 is design to simulate grid characteristics for testing PV inverter and on-line UPSs.

Output power: 60kVA
Output voltage: 0-300V, 400V (option)
Output frequency: DC, 30Hz-100Hz
User selectable single phase or three phase output
Full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative up to 100% of output current rating
Specifically designed for PV inverter, Smart Grid and EV related test applications
Programmable slew rate settings for voltage and frequency
Programmable voltage and current limits
Turn on, turn off phase angle control
LIST, PULSE, STEP mode functions for testing Power Line Disturbance (PLD) simulation
Voltage dips, short interruption and voltage variation simulation
Harmonics, inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer
Comprehensive measurement capability, including current harmonics
Analog programmable interfaces
Remote interface: GPIB, RS-232, USB and Ethernet
Parallel output for higher power applications (Three phase only)