Chroma 1855 Capacitor Leakage Current Meter & IR Meter

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Produktnummer: 1855

The 1855 instrument measures and displays the undesirable flow of current through a capacitor over any surface of insulation. The 1855 Model offers flexibility with programmable charge current from 0.5mA to 500mA in increments of 0.5mA. The DC voltage can be programmed from 1.0V to 100V in 0.1V increments (with current to 500mA) and from 101V to 650V in 1V increments (with current to 150mA). The 1855 serves as an economical megohmmeter by measuring and displaying a product's insulation resistance. This resistance can be measured over the range of 10Ω to 99GΩ with a programmable test voltage from 1.0V to 650V DC.

Leakage Current Measurements for 1nA to 20mA
Insulation Resistance Measurements from 10Ω to 99GΩ
Breakdown Testing of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors per EIAJ RC-2364A
Basic Measurement Accuracy, 0.3% Leakage Current, 0.6% IR
Programmable Test Voltage from 1 to 650VDC
High Charge Current from 0.5mA to 500mA
LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
RS-232 Interface Standard, PLC and IEEE-488 Optional
Comparator Functions with Programmable Pass/Fail Limits
Front Panel Lockout Prevents Unwanted Alterations to the Setup
Powerful Discharge Circuit for Large Capacitors
Monitors and Displays Voltage to the Device Under Test
Programmable Charge, Dwell, and Averaging Times