COMM-connect 3030 PMR Power Meter

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Produktnummer: CC3030

The COMM-connect 3030 RF Power Meter is a modern version of the traditional Antenna Watt and VSWR instrument. The instrument cover communication bands from 30MHz to 500MHz. The 3030 RF Power Meter will measure forward and reflected power in the range from milliWatts up to 100Watts. Built in frequency counter. The counter will show the transmit frequency and will call the calibration table for the actual frequency. Outside the range of the counter the instrument can be set into manual mode giving a wider dynamic range. The 3030 RF Power Meter will calculate VSWR or Return Loss, and features Peak and Hold mode. Accessory kit with soft or hard carrying bag, car charger and coax adapters for standard types are available

Antenna and Cable VSWR
Antenna and Cable Return Loss
Measure forward power
Measure reflected power
Use in direct Sunlight
Back light for dim areas
Auto Power off
Setup by Menu system
Operate while charging
Frequency range: 30MHz - 500MHz
VSWR: < 1.05:1
50Ohms ā€œNā€ Female connector
Power Range: 1.5mW to 100W
Display resolution: 128x64 pixels
Calibration stored in EEPROM
USB Serial device (B type)
Operation time: > 5 hours