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IntesisBox automation solutions will help you controlling and monitoring your projects from your SCADA, BMS or Central Controller using the most used standards in the market, such as ASCII, BACnet, KNX, LonWorks or Modbus. Get the most of your integration project thanks to our line of powerful gateways and all its functionalities.

The application of automatic machines or robots and procedures in industries and in the performing process have been improving for the last decades becoming one of the focus of industrial innovations. One of the biggest benefits of automation is saving time, energy and materials, which provide the mechanisms and processes and improvement on quality, accuracy and precision.

When we talk about automation, we also refer to systems such as sensors, transmitters, controls and monitoring systems or software applications in real time to monitor and control plant operations and industrial processes. In addition, the automation is nowadays a key point to improve our quality of life and sustainability, serving even in areas of health and public welfare.