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Beha-Amprobe MT-10 Moisture meter

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Produktnummer: MT-10

Moisture meters MT-10 can be used to measure the amount of water in the wood or building material so that the woodworker can determine if it is suitable for the intended purpose. Building inspectors, carpenters, hobbyists, and other woodworkers often are required to have moisture meters. Wood flooring installers, for example, have to verify that the moisture of the wood matches the relative humidity in the air of the building. If this step is skipped, a vast array of problems may present itself: cracking, cupping, crowning, buckling, sunken joints, and cracked finishes.

Checks for moisture content in wood, paper or cardboard and building materials such as sheetrock, concrete, mortar, plaster etc…
Measurement Ranges:
- Wood/ Paper: 8 ~ 60%
- Building Material: 0.3 - 2.0%
- Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C or 32°F ~ 99°F
Used in indoor air quality applications for detecting moisture in the walls, floors and ceilings stimulating mold growth
LCD Display provides moisture or temperature measurement
Three color LED provides quick moisture indication:
- Green - “air-dry” conditions
- Yellow - increased moisture
- Red - excess moisture
Backlight for operation in dark areas
Low battery indication
Auto power off