Beha-Amprobe AM-530-EUR Digital Multimeter, TRMS AC 3999 600 VAC 600 VDC 10 ADC

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Produktnummer: AM-530-EUR

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The Beha-Amprobe AM-500-EUR Digital Multimeter Series, a full line of digital multimeters that offer functions for every application. These tough meters are designed to be a reliable, feature-rich, and rugged solution for taking critical measurements in residential, HVAC, electrical and industrial settings at breakthrough affordability.

• Voltage, current and resistance measurement
• Capacitance and frequency measurement
• Diode and audible continuity testing
• Temperature measurement
• True RMS measurement (TRMS)

Device information
• Automatic and manual measurement range
• Integrated readings memory (data hold)
• Illuminated display
• Relative value measurement
• Auto power-off
• Additional bar graph display (61 segments)
• MIN/MAX hold
• Carry case included as standard

Device features
• True RMS measurement TRMS (only AM-530-EUR and AM-550-EUR)
• Non-contact voltage detection
• Integrated LED flashlight