Base station antennas

Telewave, Inc – Wireless Communication Manufacturer since 1972.

Fiberglass Collinear
Collinear antennas provide a consistent omnidirectional pattern with no external ground plane components. Advanced engineering produces significant gain and frequency range options. Fiberglass composite radomes offer complete protection from severe environments.

Folded Dipole
Telewave Broadband Folded Dipole antennas can be configured for several different horizontal patterns, depending on coverage requirements. Cardiod, offset, and bi-directional patterns are easily produced by adjusting element spacing during or after installation.

Dipole Arrays
Dipole arrays use multiple elements to compress the vertical pattern, providing more gain in a particular direction or protection to or from a nearby system. Electrical and mechanical tilt of 1-15 degrees is possible with two to eight elements.

Yagi antennas are rugged, compact devices which produce a very directional horizontal pattern. These antennas are fully sealed and are ideal for control and linking applications.

Wideband antennas cover very wide frequency ranges, in discone and handheld configurations. Discone antennas also provide a broad radiation pattern and consistent VSWR.