Avon Protection argus® Mi-TIC S infrarødt kamera

For brann- og redning, det mest avanserte
The most advanced thermal imager for firefighting
Produktnummer: Mi-TIC S

The argus® Mi-TIC S is the world’s smallest thermal imager to feature a large format, high resolution display for advanced fire fighting applications. The camera provides a crystal clear image with a superb dynamic range: you can clearly view extremely high temperatures upto 1100ºC (2000ºF) and at the same time see very low temperature objects, which is ideal for casualty searches.

Every argus® Mi-TIC S is supplied with a unique dual use desktop/in-truck charger station which securely retains and charges both the thermal imager and a spare battery. The charger stations can be daisy-chained together, up to a maximum of 6 units.


Weighing approximately 830g (29 oz) the argus® Mi-TIC S is a small format thermal imager that can be easily and comfortably held in the palm of your hand. Unlike many thermal imagers, the argus® Mi-TIC S design allows it to be worn in multiple ways – in the hand, inside a pocket, clipped outside a pocket, clipped to a lanyard or hung around the neck.


With a thumb operated green on/off button and superb start up time of 5 seconds, the argus® Mi-TIC S is simple to use.


The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology ensures the argus® Mi-TIC S delivers up to 5 hours of battery life over 1,000s of cycles. They are inherently safe due to the use of patented nanophosphate® technology.

See through smoke
Detect and display fire temperatures even in larger, hotter fires
Locate the seat and spread of the fire
Navigate safely during search and rescue operations
Identify hot spots during overhaul operations