Avon Protection Argus® TT-Type infrarødt kamera for politi

Specifically designed for police search operations
The argus® TT-Type thermal imaging camera is specially designed to help police, security and law enforcement officers detect the heat signatures of people and objects.
Produktnummer: TT-Type

The argus® TT-Type can be used in conditions of zero visibility including complete darkness and smoke. This is because the energy being sensed is heat rather than light allowing the camera to be used in both day and night operations and for many different applications.

The argus® TT-Type is a robust, self-contained, simple-tooperate thermal imaging camera with integrated torchlight. It is lightweight and ergonomic, capable of withstanding harsh environments and contains many of the most advanced features available for any thermal imaging camera.

The argus® TT-Type is available with a 320 x 240 pixel Amorphous Silicon (ASi) Microbolometer Detector and a choice of lenses is available to suit the application. The camera has been designed using advanced digital imaging technology and techniques for superior performance and application specific functionality.

Use on the move while maintaining situational awareness with unique design
Detect a person up to 500m away
Easy image interpretation with tailored application modes for search
Speed up search operations, day or night
Save money versus alternative search tactics
Search where helicopters can’t, for example under canopies or an underpass
Detect illegal cannabis production facilities
Protect critical infrastructure where 24 hour foot patrol is required