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Argus 3U Plus ISDN Tester

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Produktnummer: A3Uplus

The ARGUS 3u plus ISDN Tester verifies BRI S/T plus BRI U and POTS interfaces in TE and leased line modes.

The ARGUS 3u plus is an impressive and versatile connection tester for ISDN and POTS interfaces. It enables an accurate installation of POTS accesses as well as BRI S/T and U interfaces, and is therefore suitable for checking all functions before and after the NTBA.

This handy tester supports automatic testing of accesses, services and supplementary services and also offers voltage and signal level measurements as well as a bit error rate test (BERT). Another function is the HF detection, which can distinguish between active BRI U and ADSL signals.

Integrated handset in an ergonomic design
BRI, U-interface and POTS interfaces in terminal mode
CLIP function on POTS accesses
POTS monitor with CLIP and DTMF display
Intuitive menus with cursor keys and softkeys
Automatic test sequence (AutoTest) with results saved
Data transfer to a PC with the optional WINplus PC software
Trace and test reports
Optional cabling test for BRI accesses
Powered by the BRI access, battery, accumulator or plug-in power supply
Flash-ROM technology for software updates via a PC (WINplus)