Argus 3U NT ISDN Tester

Produktnummer: A3UNT

The ARGUS 3u NT is an ISDN Tester for use in the installation and maintenance of BRI S/T/U and POTS accesses – including BRI S/T NT and monitor modes.

The ARGUS 3u NT provides all functions necessary for installing and maintaining BRI S/T and U, as well as POTS accesses. It tests BRI S/T interfaces in TE, NT and leased line modes, including D channel monitoring and verifies BRI U and POTS interfaces in TE mode. When monitoring, D channel data can be recorded and then decoded on a PC with user-friendly filters and search functions.

BRI tester with a sophisticated design
BRI interface in TE/NT mode with D-channel monitoring
Both U-interface and POTS interface in TE mode
CLIP and advice of charges on POTS lines plus a POTS monitor
Cabling test for BRI accesses
Voltage and signal level measurement
Intuitive menu structure
Operation using cursor keys, softkeys and direct-mode keys
Automatic test sequence (AutoTest) with results saved
Transfer of data to a PC, including monitor, tracing and test reports
Powered by the BRI access, accumulator or plug-in power supply
Can recharge the accumulators in the tester
Flash-ROM technology for software updates via a PC