Aqua Signal Control

Produktnummer: AS Control

Unit to switch, fuse and monitor navigation- and signalling lights. Description: The panel consists of a front plate with switches, indicators and a casing fitted to the front plate. Inside the casing there is the electronic detector and the internal voltage processor. The light circuits are fed via serial terminals located inside the casing. The terminals are numbered. The connecting scheme can be seen from the individually supplied terminal plan. Detector unit: The supervision of the lights is being effected by indirect measurement of the lamp current. There is no electrical connection between the lamp circuit and the detector unit. In case of failure of the detector the navigation and signalling lights remain functioning. There is no voltage drop in the lamp circuit by the electronic detector. With the light switched on, proper functioning of the circuit is monitored by two LEDs. The brightness of the LEDs can be dimmed, however, reduction to zero is prevented. If the lamp circuit is defective (e.g. bulb blown, cable cut, short circuit) the LED will start flashing. Simultaneously an acoustic alarm signal has to be acknowledged (see alarm reset). Printing and colour of frontplate according to your requirements.