Aqua Signal 70 M Double lens navigation lights 40W/60W/65W

Produktnummer: AS70 M

Application: All vessels ð 20 m in length. Lights marked ¥ may also be used on inland waterways Approvals (3 versions): a) International according to IMO 1972, in Scandinavian countries too, in Germany through BSH, other countries in particular see list of approvals. Approved for inland waterways under ¥ D b) US-Coastguard, China Classification Society. These lights may only be used on ships flying the flags of the USA or P.R. China c) RINA. These lights may only be used on ships flying the flag of Italy (RINA also accept P 28s socket) Min. visibilities: 3 n.m., masthead light 6 n.m. Protection class: IP 56 Housing: Polycarbonate, glass fibre reinforced, other components of non-corrosive materials. Housing self-ventilated. Nonmagnetic, seawater resistant Housing colour: Mat black Optics: Easy to change, seawater resistant, special plastic Fresnel lenses Electric: Main lighting (upper unit) and spare lighting (lower unit) each come with 1.5 m special connection cable 2 x 1.5 mm², self-protective insulation, class II Cable insert: 2 special cable glands metric pressure screw M 24 x 1.5 with protection against buckling Lamps: Easy to change 2 tungsten bulbs Mounting: Base flange attachement, 4 screws (not included). Allround lights may also be hoisted. Additional mounting aids see drawing