Aqua Signal 55 Navigation lights 25W

Produktnummer: AS55

Application: Vessels > 20 - < 50 m in length. Lights marked with index ¥ may also be used on inland waterways without limitation of length Approvals: International according to IMO 1972, in Germany through BSH, other countries in particular see list of approvals Min. visibilities: 2 n.m., masthead light 5 n.m. Protection class: IP 56 Housing: Polycarbonate, glass fibre reinforced, other components of non-corrosive materials. Nonmagnetic, seawater resistant Housing colour: Mat black Optics: Easy to change, seawater resistant special plastic Fresnel lens Electric: Conus inclusive 1.5 m special connection cable 2 x 1.5 mm², self-protective insulation, class II Cable insert: PG 13.5 with buckling protection Lamp: Easy to change tungsten bulb with socket BAY 15d Mounting: Base flange attachement, 4 screws Ø 8 mm (not included), allround lights may also be hoisted when 2 halyard hooks are attached (not included). Additional mounting aids see drawing