TGR2053 L Side_2500
TGR2053 L Side_2500
TGR2053 Front #1_2500
TGR2053 Front #1_2500
TGR2050 Series Rear_2500
TGR2050 Series Rear_2500
TGR2050 series U01 options pack_1000
TGR2050 series U01 options pack_1000

AimTTi TGR2051 RF Signal Generator 1,5GHz w/U01

1.5GHz Synthesised Signal Generator, USB/LXI w/ option u01 for Digital Modulation

NOK 25 590,- (eks. mva.)

High performance RF generator provides high frequency accuracy and stability, large signal amplitude range, low phase noise and flexible analog and digital modulation capabilities. With option U01.
Produktnummer: TGR2051-U01

The TGR2051 and TGR2053 are the next generation of RF signal generators from Aim-TTi, offering both exceptional performance and new improved functionality with touch screen operation. The high performance RF generators provide high frequency accuracy and stability, large signal amplitude range, low phase noise and flexible analog and digital* modulation capabilities making it ideal for development, test and service work. Advanced remote control accommodates sophisticated new automated systems and compatibility with Aim-TTI's previous RF instruments enables incorporation into existing systems. With a small footprint and lightweight design and the best price point / performance ratio in its class, the TGR2050 series maintains Aim-TTi’s reputation for high quality, reliable, great value products.

Opt. U01 Makes available all digital modulation schemes with full trigger and SYNC capabilities listed under ‘DIGITAL MODULATION’.

150kHz to 3GHz (TGR2053) and 150kHz to 1.5GHz (TGR2051) frequency range
Frequency setting resolution of 10Hz at up to 3GHz (TGR2053) or 1.5GHz (TGR2051)
Amplitude range of -127dBm to +13dBm
0.1dBm amplitude setting resolution. Amplitude can be set in dBm, dBμV or in linear Volts
High signal purity, phase noise <-117dBc/Hz (typical) at 1GHz output and 10kHz offset
1ppm frequency accuracy, <1ppm drift in first year
5ms sweep settling time
User selectable low spur mode setting
Internal or external analog modulations (AM, FM, PM)
Internal or external digital modulations - ASK, OOK, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, HMSK & PSK
Versatile digital modulation modes*- continuous or triggered
Modulation Synchronisation
Modulation waveform output on the rear panel
Internal waveforms include: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, PRBS (various lengths) and user-defined pattern
Fast amplitude and/or frequency sweeps with comprehensive triggering
Simple and easy to operate with the colour and touch display
Compatible with previous Aim-TTi RF generators
SCPI compatible
Programmable via USB, LAN (LXI) and GPIB (optional)
Small case design (2U ½ rack), lightweight (3kg)