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Aim-TTi QPX1200S, 1200W, Max 60V or 50A, Analog

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1.2kW PowerFlex DC Power Supplies. QPX1200S - version with no digital interfaces (analog only)
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Produktnummer: QPX1200S

The QPX1200S is a 1.2kW single output dc power supply that offers users a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved with conventional laboratory power supplies.

It is suited to be bench-top and system applications and is fitted with both front and rear terminals and an analog remote control interface.

The QPX1200SP adds a wide range of digital interfaces:
USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN (Ethernet).

* Note that the QPX1200L (now discontinued) is identical to the QPX1200SP but omits the GPIB interface.

Up to 60 volts and up to 50 amps maximum
PowerFlex design gives variable voltage & current combinations within a maximum power range.
Higher current capability at lower voltages
Linear final regulation provides very low output noise and fast transient response
Setting by direct numeric entry or by spin wheel
High setting resolution of 1mV in up to 60 volts
Bench or rack mounting with front and rear terminals
Analog interface only (QPX1200S)
Analog, RS232, USB, LAN & GPIB (QPX1200SP)
LAN interface conforms with LXI class C