Aim-TTi PL303QMD-P(G) Lab Programmerbar strømforsyning 2x30V/3A 180W

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Produktnummer: PL303QMD-P(G)

The PL303QMT has identical features to the PL303QMD but has a fullperformance third output with specifications as per the PL068 detailedabove. The size is ¾-rack, so that one triple plus one single could beaccommodated within a standard rack width.

Dobbel laboratoriestrømforsyning
High performance linear regulated power supplies
Models from 6V/8A up to 60V/1.5A
Full digital remote control and readback
RS-232, USB and LAN (Ethernet), GPIB
LAN Interface conforms with LXI standard
Interfaces are opto-isolated from outputs
IVI Driver supplied
Analog remote control of V and I
Front and rear terminals
Selectable remote sense terminals
Ultra-compact size of quarter-rack 3U
High power density - up to 90 watts per output
Manual control features as per New PL Series