Aim-TTi I-prober 520 Positional current probe, PCB track Touch & Measure

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The I-prober 520 is a compact hand-held probe which is used with an oscilloscope. By placing the insulated tip of the probe onto a PCB track, the current flowing in the track can be observed and measured.
Produktnummer: Iprober 520

The I-prober 520 achieves something radically new.
It can observe and measure currents in PCB tracks and other conductors where conventional current probes can’t be used. This includes captive wires into components, the legs of integrated circuits, and PCB ground planes.
Conventionally, current can only be measured by either breaking the circuit to insert a shunt resistor, or by surrounding the conductor by a loop of magnetic material as in a standard current probe.
The I-prober 520 enables currents, from dc up to 5MHz, to be observed and measured simply by placing its insulated tip onto the conductor.

Observe and measure current in a PCB track
Make measurements via non-contact probing
Suitable for observation and measurement of current in component leads & ground planes as well as PCB tracks
Wide dynamic range of 10mA to 20A pk to pk
Wide bandwidth of DC to 5MHz
Low noise equivalent to <6mA rms at full bandwidth
Minimal disturbance to circuit conditions through very low insertion impedance and stray capacitance
Safety rated to 300V Cat II (600V Cat I)
Suitable for connection to any oscilloscope
High accuracy general purpose H-field probe
Convertible into ‘closed magnetic circuit’ current probe
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