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Aim-TTi AC1000A 1kW Power source

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Low Distortion 1kW Power Source
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Produktnummer: AC1000A Schuko

The AC1000A is a low cost pure powersource designed specifically for use with a harmonics analyser such as the HA1600A.The AC supply available at a standard wall socket is usually distorted. This comesabout because of nonlinear loads (non–resistive loads) on the AC supply such as transformers, fluorescent lights, switched–mode power supplies etc. The effect of this is to flatten off the top of the sine wave causing significant distortion.

Provides an EN61000–3–2 compliant source
1000W power capability at 230V
Up to 4·4A rms load current and up to 10A peak currents
Comprehensive overload protection
Connection via standard power connectors