Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 RSA, 9kHz–20GHz, 175MHz RTBW spectrum analyzer

Remote controllable with a powerful integrated PC
Remote controllable real-time RF/EMF data-logger with a powerful integrated PC
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Produktnummer: HF-80200 V5 RSA

The unique characteristic defining the V5 RSA is the ability to be remotely controlled from anywhere around the world (internet connection required). This, in combination with the frequency range from 9kHz up to 20GHz and the real-time bandwidth of up to 175MHz, make the RSA perfect for the simultaneous monitoring of measurements in multiple locations. The spectrum analyzer was developed for 19” racks, but can also be used via the integrated PC with a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard.

Remote Control

The SPECTRAN V5 RSA can be remotely controlled via the integrated computer. The PC starts a Linux based server automatically when power is connected to it. The RSA is then, depending on the configuration and setup, remotely accessible via a local network or via the internet and controllable through the RTSA Suite Software. This gives you the ability to connect and monitor as many remote locations as you want, without having to leave your office or lab.

Continuously streaming and storing from any spectrum of interest
Allows the monitoring of multiple sites from one centralized location
Eliminates trips to difficult locations
Data transfer via TCP / IP
Up to 24TB data storage inside the remote unit
Customizable Alarm-, Trigger- and Limits-Function
Real-time capture bandwidth up to 175MHz
POI below 1QS
Unlimited recording time
Wide measuring range up to 20GHz
Sample rate / second: > 5 million
500 MSPS (14 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q)
Real-time I/Q streaming via USB
Including the “RTSA Suite Pro” spectrum analysis software
Made in Germany