Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 Handheld 9kHz–20GHz, 175MHz RTBW spectrum analyzer

With unlimited recording and super fast sweep
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Produktnummer: HF-80200 V5

The V5 Handheld is the first device of this size that is able to offer a real-time bandwidth of up to 175MHz. In combination with the wide frequency range starting from 9kHz and going up to 20GHz, this makes the SPECTRAN V5 Handheld unbeatable in its price range. The device is 850g light, robust and handy. It was developed for the use outdoors or in the field, but it can be used in labs just like a normal USB spectrum analyzer.

World’s first and only handheld real-time spectrum analyzer
Scans 20GHz in less than 20mS (1000GHz / sec.)
Real-time capture bandwidth up to 175MHz
POI below 1QS
Unlimited recording time
Wide measuring range up to 20GHz
Sample rate / second: > 5 million
500 MSPS (14 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q)
Real-time I/Q streaming via USB
High resolution touch screen
Extremely compact and lightweight
Memory expansion via MicroSD Slot
Including the “RTSA Suite Pro” spectrum analysis software
Made in Germany