Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO, 9kHz–9,4GHz, ST 1mS spectrum analyzer

Worldwide only military-standard spectrum analyzer
The SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO has been specifically designed for use in harsh conditions such as for military use, aerospace, mining, construction, research and development, even in the pouring rain, extreme temperatures and extremely dusty and dirty environments.
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Produktnummer: SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO

With this Spectrum Analyzer you can master all the challenges. It provides a powerful, extremely impact resistant Outdoor notebook as well as a high-end spectrum analyzer in one compact device. The HF-XFR PRO has been independently tested in accordance with MIL -STD- 810G , IP65 and MIL -STD- 461F.

The analyzer is based on a novel and patented by Aaronia method of spectrum analysis. The locating of interference sources and their causes , the determination of frequency and signal strength measurement and evaluation conform to the most complex limits - all this allows the SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO.

RF measurement at the highest level

The XFR PRO offers a huge variety of helpful functions for spectrum analysis: A variety of trigger function, unlimited number of markers, a variety of views: (Spectrum, Waterfall, Histogram, limits, time domain, results), Unlimited number of limits e.g. EN55011, EN55022, ICNIRP etc. including display of limit lines and limit bar graphs, multi-window support and much more.

Based on Spectran HF-60100 V4
Frequency range: 1MHz - 9,4GHz*
14Bit Dual-ADC
DDC Hardware-Filter
AVG Noise Level (DANL): -170dBm(1Hz)*
AbsMax Level: +20dBm
AbsMax Level: +40dBm (Option)
Filter bandwith (RBW) Min: 200Hz
Filter bandwith (RBW) Max: 50MHz
EMC-Filter (RBW): 9kHz, 120kHz, 5MHz; 20MHz; 40MHz
Lowest possible SampleTime : 1mS
Accuracy (typical) : +/- 1dB
Vector power measurement (I/Q) and True RMS
AM/FM/PM Demodulation
Extended full ICNIRP range
Standards-conformant exposure limits (ICNIRP, BGV B11, BlmSchV etc.)
Fast ZERO-SPAN sweep