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Acquisition, representation and evaluation of PLC signals
PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 is a software system for logic analysis and recording of measured values in PLC-controlled facilities. Acquisition, representation and evaluation of PLC signals such as input, output, flags, timer, counter, data of data blocks, is now very easy.
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Produktnummer: PLC-ANALYZER pro 6

Live display allows the observation of the signal waveform in real time. Analysis and evaluation can already be carried out at the time of recording. In addition to long-term recording, trigger conditions can be specified for the acquisition of particular events. This allows rarely occurring sporadic errors to be specifically recorded for later analysis.

PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 has the decisive advantage of recording process data via standardized PLC interfaces. For example, for SIMATIC S7 signals can be acquired using MPI/PPI, PROFIBUS or TCP/IP PROFINET. All CoDeSys communication paths and many other PLC connections of various manufacturers are supported.

A programming device or notebook, that is connected for the purpose of programming the PLC, can be used for recoding process data without modification. By means of high-performance PLC drivers (in-house development) the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 achieves sampling rates, which would not be possible with a OPC-UA-based solution.

The tiresome process of hooking up monitoring cables is now a thing of the past. Cycle-precise recording is attractive because of the complete acquisition of measured values in each PLC cycle. Up to 16 million signals from 250 signal sources can be recorded simultaneously.

By using the measurement interface AD_USB-Box® external voltage and current signals, which are not available in the PLC, can also be recorded. This is also very helpful in case of the demand of capturing I/Os from PLCs, for which a specific PLC driver is not available.

Failure diagnosis
Detecting and localizing of sporadic errors
Cycle time optimization
Long-term recording of measured values
System documentation, TPM/OEE, EU-Machinery directive
Condition monitoring / Predictive maintenance
Warrenty: incorruptible clarification
Quality assurance
Installation, development, maintenance